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21st Century Schools Advanced Team Project
We are going to create a wiki that shares what we know about project-based learning. Our project should demonstrate a pedagogical understanding of how technologies such as weblogs, wikis, podcasts, social bookmarking sites, RSS feeds, and others can enhance learning in the classroom. A goal of the 21st Century Schools Project is for us to infuse these tools into our professional practice and ultimately engage our students in the use of these tools.



Decatur City Schools is in the process of applying for the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program. We are required to incorporate the IB MYP Areas of Interaction as well as Internationalism, Interdisciplinary Units, and Technology. We feel that project-based learning will effectively incorporate all of these elements in a way that is engaging and relevant to our students. Because planning such activities is very time-consuming, we have begun this wiki as storehouse for the good ideas we find. Hopefully all of the MYP teachers in Decatur will participate in the creation of this wiki. See our learning contract for more details.

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  • We will post facts about project-based learning on this wiki.
  • We will share ideas, document our work, and reflect on our learning process through our blog.
  • We will engage in reflective discussions with educators from around the state about 21st Century learning tools through Tapped In. Each team member is responsible for posting once a week. Tapped In is open to any faculty member from our school.
    • Monday
    • Tuesday
    • Wednesday - Beth
    • Thursday - Patti, Rachel
    • Friday
    • Saturday - Jeanne
    • Sunday - Tommy
  • Give Retha a day
  • We will share links that we have found through using the tag "projectbasedlearning".

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  • This project will be ongoing throughout the school year.
  • December 2006-May 2007 - Team members will update the blog and wiki weekly.
  • January 2007 - Introduce faculty to our blog and wiki.
  • February 2007 - Share blog and wiki with other schools in our district and invite them to participate.
  • Spring 2007 - Implement an inter-disciplinary, project-based learning unit.

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CRMS 21st Century Learning Team

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Decatur City Schools IB MYP Teachers

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We will be collaborating with each other and any "experts" we can find. What would you like to focus on at first?
  • I am going to look at some of the Project-Based Learning links from the NSDC handout.
  • I am going to post to Tapped In on Thursday's.
  • I plan to create a delicious account.
  • I will post to Tapped In on Thursdays.
  • I will plan an integrated lesson with my team and post this information to the wiki.
  • I plan to update my blog on a regular basis to inform parents of plans for my classroom.
  • I am going to be collaborating with Chris Harbeck, an 8th grade math teacher in Canada, on a wiki that our students create about ratios and proportions. We will plan the project over the holidays and implement it in January or February. I will share what we do and what we learn along the way. I met Chris this fall through the K12 Online Conference. We collaborated on a wiki about Effective Math Videos. We will be modeling our work on the award-winning Flat Classroom Wiki, created by the students of Vicki Davis (Georgia) and Julie Lindsey (Bangladesh).
  • When I am able, I will participate in the Women of Web 2.0 skypecast every Tuesday night at 8:00 pm.
  • I will participate in the monthly Blog Club that is a follow-up to the K12 Online Conference. The next meeting is Saturday, January 6, at 4pm. I will be hosting. We will be discussing iPods in Education and The Urgency of Web 2.0.
  • I will add any resources I find to delicious and our wiki.